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I am very excited to introduce Dancehall Origins, my new venture as an independent artist/arts manager.

Dancehall Origins promotes and supports Dancehall dancers, teachers and performers from Jamaica to share their practice in the UK.

As an advocate for Dancehall history and culture, Dancehall Origins aims to increase cultural awareness and appreciation of Dancehall by providing opportunities to connect with Dancehall originators. Who better to learn from than those who live, dance and create Dancehall everyday in Jamaica?

Dancehall Origins: bringing Dancehall workshops, events and lectures from Jamaica to the UK.

Dancehall Origins, 15 Oct 2016

Dancehall Origins, 15 Oct 2016

On 15th October 2016, Dancehall Origins brings Shelly “First Lady” Xpressionz and another Special Guest from Jamaica to Chalk Farm in London for a day of workshops and lectures. This event marks the first time either artist have ever taught in the UK.

Dancehall is a dance, language, fashion, culture and lifestyle originating from Jamaica and is something I am really passionate about. By creating Dancehall Origins and setting up these types of events, I hope to be promoting all of these elements and furthering the understanding and appreciation of Dancehall in the UK.

For more information, including a full schedule for 15th October as well as how to purchase tickets, please visit the pages below and like, follow, share and support!

Website: http://www.dancehallorigins.co.uk

Facebook: @DHOrigins

Twitter: @DHOrigins

Instagram: @DHOrigins


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