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Office Pet-Peeves

Working in an office, no matter the size or the role, comes with its challenges. Here’s my top ten office pet-peeves:

  1. When people get your name wrong in an email, particularly when your name is in your email address

My name is right there…

2. When people don’t have an email signature. Who are you? What’s your telephone number? Where do you work? You know, the helpful stuff.

and frustrating

3. When colleagues introduce you to someone and get your title wrong.

I thought you knew me…

4. When you’re on a call and suddenly everyone in the office begins talking really loudly.

Really helpful.

5. When a coworker brings in the obscure contents of their fridge to eat at their desk…

If it smells, don’t bring it to work.

6. When people create awkward situations by not remembering who they’ve already met.

Rolls eyes…

7. When colleagues come into work despite being sick and contagious.

Thank you. I’m really looking forward to being sick next week.

8. When you finish work at 5.30pm and someone schedules a meeting for 5pm.

You’ve had ALL DAY!

9. When coworkers give loud, detailed updates on what their computer is doing.

Updates that no-one needs.

10. Last but not least: when coworkers waste time telling others they don’t have time to do everything because they’re so busy…



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