An auto/biographical performance exploring the relationship of three, Held presents an intimate struggle for dependency.

The work was devised as part of my final year choreography module in 2014 at the University of Surrey. To analyse my choreographic process, I utilised Le Compte’s (as cited in Heddon, 2008) description of an extended metaphor for auto/biographical work where the choreographer sits for a painting that the dancers paint. In her words, ‘there is a dialogue between the sitter and the painter’ whereby the ‘portrait’ that emerges is an ‘amalgam of the sitter’s image of herself, and the vision of her that the painter sees and constructs’. The result is that both the ‘painter’ (the dancers) and the ‘sitter’ (the choreographer, the ‘auto’) can be ‘recognised in the final portrait’, making what is true and what is constructed indistinguishable.

Held was choreographed for performance in a studio theatre, edited in order to be captured on film.