Dancehall Origins 5th Edition took place in Chalk Farm, London with invited artists Famous Dancer and Dancing Rebel who led their first ever UK workshop.

We started the day with a New Skool Dancehall class from Dancing Rebel, which showed her world-renowned versatility with both male and female steps.

Next up, Famous Dancer took us on a journey through Middle Skool Dancehall with fierce attention to detail and crazy energy!

After this, we held a Q&A with both Rebel and Famous that was facilitated by renowned choreographer and storyteller “H” Patten. It’s important to us to give opportunity for discussion, to show the realities of working in Dancehall from the artists perspective. This was a rare chance to hear from Rebel and Famous about their journeys in Dancehall and we are so grateful for their honesty!

To close the day, Rebel taught a female-only workshop focusing on one of Spice’s latest tracks.

This was an incredible Edition. We saw our first release-tickets sell out on the first day, and we achieved the highest participant numbers to date. Sending a huge thank you to everyone who came out to support!

Stay tuned for our next UK event, Autumn 2019.