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Eating Humble Pie

Beginner’s guide to networking

Akram Khan’s Giselle, Manchester International Festival

Alvin Ailey 2016 UK Tour

Five Things to Remember for your Performance Appraisal

Global Bob is the special guest for Dancehall Origins!

Dancehall Origins

Launch Leeds video

Teaching Dancehall, 29th July

SYTYCD: The Next Generation, Dancehall

NYDC, In-Nocentes

What is leadership? Dance Educators Group, 1st July

Top Ten Tips for Planning a Dance Class

Urban Bush Women – Let’s Dance International Festival, Leicester

Breakin’ Convention 2016 (Doncaster)

Dancehall International Europe 2016

Tips for managing an event

One Dance UK, Launch Leeds 2016

How “Dancehall” are England’s Dancehall events?

I’m a guest speaker!

Dance UK: Queen’s Honours photograph


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